Why Hire Us

(1) We’re certainly not perfect. But because of the extremely low barriers to starting up, anyone can call themselves a professional maid service. Few companies get around to learning about and — even fewer actually — implement systems for everything involved in delivering consistent, reliable results.

So, unlike most maid services, we invest heavily in our maids’ vetting, training, compensation, and continuous learning. And we’re systems focused. Systems allow for consistency, reliability, and accountability.

(2) We’re one of a handful of house cleaning services in the US that use engineered water as their primary disinfectant and cleaner. Engineered water is the greenest “green” cleaner available today. Also, we use water vapor to remove mold from bathroom tiles and grout in lieu of conventional, toxic mildewcide containing products.

We don’t introduce pollutants into your living environment. Many so-called “green certified” cleaners contain almost as many toxins as conventional cleaners. That’s because product health and safety claims are largely unregulated. Many toxic ingredients aren’t mentioned on product labels.

Learn more about engineered water here.

(3) With our Rotation System, your home will be cleaner after 6 months than if you hire one of our competitors. It may take a little longer — two or three visits — to get your home deep cleaned with us. But, over the long run, your home will be cleaner with our processes in place.

See our FAQ page for more about our Rotation System.

(4) Our Money-Back Guarantee. Your home cleaned to your satisfaction or we will redo the work in question for free. And if you’re still not satisfied, you will receive a full refund of your money.*

*Any reclean request or dissatisfaction with a recleaning must be made within 24 hours in order for the money-back-plus guarantee to apply.