Don’t let these areas of your home “fall through the cracks.”

Live In A Cleaner Home

A typical house cleaning service follows a fixed cleaning routine every visit, neglecting areas of your home that require cleaning from-time-to-time. And charges you extra money to do them.

With Alchemy Maids, you get 1 FREE periodic cleaning task done each visit. Starting with the second visit, the cleaning tasks are done on a rotational basis.

Examples of cleaning tasks that usually “fall through the cracks”:

  • Insides of your refrigerator & oven,
  • Insides of closets,
  • Wet-wiping your baseboards & trim (dusting should be done every visit),
  • Emptying your fireplace,
  • Wet wiping your patio furniture.

With our Rotation Cleaning System such periodic cleaning tasks are done on an ongoing basis. Learn more.