Our Clients Hired Us To Make Their Homes Healthier, Cleaner, & Greener.

Healthier (A Lot Healthier)


Why pay someone to introduce harmful toxins into your home?

Sure, your bathroom and floors are starting to look grubby and -- right now -- you're pressed for time.

You might think exposure to toxins from one cleaner isn't all that bad. But what about the sum total exposure of several cleaners together repeated again and again over time?

Do you really want to expose your family, your pet(s), and yourself to all those nasty chemicals?

Chances are you're in the habit of using traditional household cleaning products because they tend to be more effective, cheaper, and more convenient to use.

Okay. But does it make sense to hire someone to pollute your home -- when you are not the one doing the actual cleaning?

Bottom line: Feng Shi Maids absolutely does not introduce harmful substances into your home.

We use a highly effective product called engineered water. You can learn more about it by checking out the second video on this page.

With engineered water, there are:

  • No toxic residues left on surfaces
  • No air pollutants
  • No ingestible toxins
  • No harmful chemical interactions
  • No acute exposures
  • No toxicities with long-term health effects



Don't let these areas of your home "fall through the cracks."

A typical house cleaning service follows a fixed cleaning routine every visit, neglecting areas of your home that require cleaning from-time-to-time. And charges you extra money to do them.

With Feng Shui Maids, you get 1 FREE periodic cleaning task done each visit. Starting with the second visit, the cleaning tasks are done on a rotational basis.

Examples of cleaning tasks that usually "fall through the cracks":

  • Insides of your refrigerator & oven,
  • Insides of your closets,
  • Wet-wiping your baseboards & trim (dusting should be done every visit),
  • Emptying your fireplace,
  • Wet wiping your patio furniture.

With our Rotation Cleaning System such periodic cleaning tasks are done on an ongoing basis. Learn more.


Feng Shui Maids is one of only a handful of house cleaning services in the country that currently uses engineered water.



We produce our own engineered water cleaning products.

We use special (and expensive) equipment that transforms ordinary tap water, salt, and electricity into ultra-green engineered water cleaning products.

Besides the actual product being about as green as you can get, making it ourselves means our business has a much smaller environmental impact:

  • Less raw materials extracted
  • Fewer plastic bottles
  • Fewer cardboard boxes
  • Fewer shipping materials
  • Less materials to dispose

Your patronage will support our efforts. Thank you!

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